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sofia palma, grew up in the outskirts of Lisbon, Portugal. among the outdoors, woods and the sea, the beach, cycling and camping, windsurfing.

2006 exchange year in Scotland, then a volunteer with AFS.

2005 - 2009 acrobatic gymnast. junior trio with Vera Costa and Sofia Rolão, national champion. several international championships. 5th place world championship Glasgow 2008. 1st place Freedom Cup, St Paul USA and 5th place european championship Vila do Conde 2009.

2010 dance classes with Paula Careto and an unfinished geological and mine engineering degree at IST, Lisbon. 

2012 backpacking through Nepal, Australia and Denmark.

2012 - 2016 contemporary dance degree in Lisbon (ESD) with an erasmus semester in the Vienna Konservatorium.

2017 - dance course FAICC at Companhia Instável, Porto.

2018 - 2020 yoga instructor course at Centro Português de Yoga, with Carlos Rui. also working as a waitress, barmade and as a sea kayak tour guide, in Lisbon.

life model began in the Fine Art University Lisbon, in 2009. posed in ateliers/schools/artists in Melbourne, Vienna, Copenhagen, Lisbon and Gent.

based in Gent, Belgium.